What we have been able to provide

We are reliant on individual donations, collections and legacies
Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the work of the League Of Friends 
The League of Friends Purchased the following items in 2018
New Dining Room Table and Chairs
These have been purchased to compliment the refurbishment of the hospital dining room which is open to staff and visitors .

In 2017 we bought the following:
For the Wards.
Toiletries for patients when carers are unable to provide. 
Single use toe nail clippers.
Christmas presents for patients.
New day room chairs.
New fish tank for Langdon.
For minor injury unit 
A Mindray observation monitor.
2 patient care trolleys.
Refurbishment of coffee shop.

In 2016 we brought the following:
For the wards 
Boxes of toiletries for patient use
Boxes for of games, jigsaws , coloured pencils, paper for patient activities.
Single use nail clippers
Christmas presents for inpatients
Bereavement cards
Fridge for staff refreshments
Hanging system for artwork
Minor Injuries Unit
2 wall mounted pulse, blood pressure and oxygen monitoring machines
3 wall mounted Ophthalmoscopes and Otoscopes.
Harmony Group
Television with DVD player and License
Bridport Medical Centre
ECG machine for measuring heart activity

April 2018
New Ultrasound Room
opened within the Diagnostic Imaging Department
Completing the planned funded refurbishment which started with the X ray department

This larger room means it is now a better facility for expectant fathers and carers to accompany patients during their invFestigation. Reception and waiting room is now in the X ray department.

Official Opening of the newly refurbished X ray Department 29th May 2015
The Committee of the Hospital League of Friends was asked to open the newly refurbished X ray Department.
The new equipment is working well and given good quality pictures. The department has been redecorated with new flooring and furniture. This work was financed by the Friends and we thank all individuals and groups that contributed towards this work through donations.

New Chairs for Colmers ward
 Day Room
Ryeberry ward Day room was decorated and new flooring was laid by Dorsethealthcare Trust  in 
March 2018
The League of Friends have paid for 10 new chairs. The colour was chosen by the patients.
We have also provided a new wide screen television and roller blinds for this room.
Both wards now have new wall clocks paid for by the Friends.
Langdon Ward Day room 
Has been given a new Fishtank
in April 2018

New ECG machine for Bridport Medical Centre in January 2017. This new ECG has the advantage of being able to send readings to the patient's own electronic record. It replaces a paper based system.

         New Minor Injuries  Unit 
                opened July  2016
Since the minor injuries unit was moved into the outpatients department. The League of friends has supplied. 
3 wall mounted pulse, blood pressure and oxygen monitoring machines.
3 wall mounted Opthalmoscopes and Otoscopes.
2 Patient Care Trolleys