Welcome to the Bridport Community Hospital League of Friends Website.

Our activities supplement the service given by Bridport Community Hospital for patients and staff by provision of facilities and equipment which fall outside the NHS funding priorities. Our aim is to raise funds and receive gifts, donations and legacies, to enable provision of items required by the hospital and community staff to improve patient care and experience. To recruit voluntary workers for the coffee shop and to act as an umbrella organisation for volunteers who work within the local NHS teams.

We also support the District Nursing ,Community Rehabilitation team and Mental Health Services as requested,

Hospital League of Friends Associations  were started soon after the commencement of the NHS, following the demise of the local governing committees which helped to fund their local town hospital . Bridport Hospital League of  Friends celebrated 60 years of service to the hospital in 2019. Over the years has made a huge contribution to the hospitals'  work.  

The Friends are registered with the Charities Commission.  We belong to the registered national organisation for all the Hospital League of Friends, "Attend"

The League of Friends
relies on its paid membership who elect a committee at the AGM to run the business of the group,
The committee meets 4 times a year. At these meetings request for funding are heard, approval is gained through nomination of support and a vote is held.
Yearly minimal membership of £1 paid on completion of a  details form held either in the coffee shop, main reception or form can be obtained via email tlofbh@gmail.com .We ask all volunteers who work within the hospital to be part of the membership. NHS staff can join the organisation but they have no voting rights.

Our Coffee Shop is currently closed due to the Covid 19 pandemic reducing the number of people allowed into the hospital. The Coffee shop can be found at the entrance of the hospital and is run by volunteers. The shop is open From 10 am to 4 pm , Monday to Friday.  Selling drinks, biscuits, sweets and greeting cards to visitors, staff or those attending an outpatient appointment.
If you would like to volunteer for this role or take provisions to sell to the patients on the ward, then
visit the Dorset HealthcareUniversity NHS Foundation Trust Website and click on to Get Involved and then complete the Volunteers- Application form. To check we have received notification of your application  email  tlofbh@gmail.com